Woman Catches Her Stalker

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Armed with a plan, a can of Mace, window alarms and a phone, Laurie Russo managed to catch her mysterious stalker.

His phone calls were getting more and more threatening, but since they were short the Police could not find the caller.

Instead of getting scared, Laurie Russo got angry and devised a plan to catch the phone stalker.
The plan worked! Here is what happened…

This is what CBS, that originally reported the story wrote:

For four months, a terrified Laurie Russo received the disturbing calls — and she had no idea who was calling.

In repeated calls to her home number, the caller would tell Laurie there was nowhere to hide, threatening her and her son. He knew details about where she lived; he said he’d been on her porch and in her hot tub. He always seemed to know when she was home.

Russo said, “If I went out to get the newspaper, I had Mace in my hand. If I cut the grass, I had Macein my hand. I tried not to work in my yard unless my neighbors were out.”

Russo installed security systems, reinforced all of her windows, and dead bolted her bedroom every evening. The police ran phone taps, learning the calls usually came from local gas stations. But every time she called 911, he was gone before police arrived.

So she investigated on her own, creating a spreadsheet of the incoming phone numbers and the corresponding gas stations. When she received a call, she immediately phoned the gas station and asked if they saw anyone.

Finally, it worked.

Thomas McComas, a Shell gas station attendant, told CBS News, “I answered the phone and the person on the other end said there is a car in the parking lot and they needed the license plate.”

McComas was able to catch the plate number that, police say, was from a vehicle belonging to Dr. George Bishop. Surveillance video would later show Bishop using the pay phone at the exact time Russo received the call.

At 68 years old, Bishop is a highly respected political science professor at the University of Cincinnati, who police say has absolutely no connection to Russo.

What a story!
No one could help her until she took the responsibility of protecting herself, her family and her house.
Mace, window alarms and locks are fine but her determination played major role in her psychological state during this ordeal as well as her physical well-being.

No one could help her until she got angry about the situation and decided to face the stalker, so to speak.
Surely “facing the stalker” is an oxymoron (self-contradictory term) but such a turn makes one heck of a moron out of a stalker.
You are an inspiration for us, Laurie!