Will Kimber Pepper Spray be redone? Or re-priced?

The most popular, most elegant and most forceful line of pepper sprays known as Kimber Lifeact could have a makeover experience in the nearest future.
20080618-Guardian Angel with hand

As you might know, Kimber pepper sprays of Lifeact line are sold as Guardian Angel and JPX Jet Protector.
We all love the Guardian Angel pepper spray due to its power, speed, and clean modern design. It is not your ordinary spray, instead it shoots the OC (liquid pepper) solution with enormous (90mph) speed.
We’ve got information that Kimber, the company that distribute this Swiss product in the US, plans to improve upon this already hugely successful product. Who knows what is it going to be? It could be something trivial like new colors or new packaging, or something disastrous, like a new name for this popular product. Or maybe in the days of $4.50 gasoline it’s just a price increase. Whatever it’s going to be: We know you are listening, Kimber: we LOVE you pepper spray products, keep changes to the minimum, don’t mess with your own HUGE success.

You can buy Kimber Guardian Angel here.