Will I get shocked when using stun gun?

If I use your mini stun gun zap 950 while someone is grabbing my arm will I get shocked?— Betsy T.


Dear Betsy, you asked an excellent question! Moreover, nobody has ever asked us that and the answer definitely deserves to be published in the blog. Thank you!

Your concerns about the stun gun use are well understood.
We have a good news for you:
the electricity from stun guns cannot be passed by touching the person being hit, or by the person grabbing your arm or, even, by standing in a puddle with them.
Here is why: the electric current produced by stun guns travels from one electrode of the stun gun to another. The electrodes are close to each other, spread less than an inch apart.
<%image(20080706-stun-gun-use.jpg|135|90|stun gun electrodes and spark between them)%>

So when you touch someone with the stun gun you touch them with both electrodes. The power will travel very short distance through the assailant’s body but with incapacitating effects on the whole muscle and nervous systems. The power does not “stray” away from the path between the two electrodes.

<%image(20080706-stungun_ZAP950_16.jpg|120|100|ZAP 950 stun gun)%>
The ZAP 950 stun gun you’ve selected is one of the most popular stun guns due to its tiny size, portability and tremendous voltage (almost a million volts!). Good choice!

Also: when you buy the ZAP 950 here we will also give you a real PS-2 bottle of pepper spray for your keychain, as a gift.
Be Safe!