What to buy: pepper spray or stun gun?

“Hello support,
I just bought Mace sprays and stun guns from you… I did not realize that one has to touch the attacker with stun gun to incapacitate him. Since I have Mace now I decided I don’t need stun guns anymore…”

– S.T.

S.T., you are correct: to incapacitate an assailant with a stun gun you need to touch the person.

Although this makes it inconvenient to attack someone with a stun gun but it makes it perfect as a self-defense tool.

Here is the truth about self-defense situations:

when an attack occurs, it nearly always happens at point blank range because the victim is caught off guard and has no opportunity to guard his or her personal space at the perimeter.

Pepper sprays/Mace sprays require some minimal targeting (eyes, face, nose) and at a point blank range it could be very difficult to execute.

Stun guns at that point require no targeting whatsoever: any touch will incapacitate the attacker. The attacker is already up close at that point.

If someone is trying to attack you and a situation is just developing, a
show of a stun gun provides an excellent deterrent because no assailant in
the right mind would select a victim if the “victim” is sparking stun gun at
him. There are much easier targets, just move on.

If you are concerned about your safety at the moment, and seemingly you are
serious about it, we would recommend to carry both: a pepper spray and a
stun gun.

Pepper spray protects you at a distance of about 8 feet but you have to be
nimble and deliver the spray on target (face, nose, eyes) at that distance.

If you missed and the pepper spray was only thing you had — you stand no

This is why stun gun with its close range untargeted delivery is so
important for self-defense.

Even if you miss once, you can shoot again and again, probability of your
delivery is nearly 100%. With sprays (including mace) its hit or miss.

Our advice: add pepper sprays to your arsenal and definitey
keep the stun guns, as the most reliable self-defense tool.