What is PC surveillance?

What does PC surveillance stand for?
What does it do?

Simply put, PC surveillance allows you to see real time what’s going inside your house, in the kids bedroom, or even in your fish tank. You can see it on computer in the office, on your laptop in the library, or your iPhone everywhere.


The remote camera, sometimes a hidden camera, is connected to a computer and everything else happens “automagically”.
Sounds techy?
Well, that’s why we ask experts to do it.
We’d like to introduce these experts to you, so feel free to send them all your technical questions:

PCSurveillance is a worldwide distributor of professional surveillance equipment, digital video surveillance, access control equipment, and accessories. We specialize in PC-based DVR CCTV systems, integrated with access control, for use in residential, commercial, and industrial security applications, and carry a wide selection of CCTV surveillance cameras, access control systems, and more. Our focus is providing quality video surveillance and access control solutions, at a reasonable price, with unmatched technical support and customer service.

Our mission is not only to be your vendor of choice, but to also be your partner, and help your business grow and succeed. We staff a full time systems engineer, several technical associates, and a full time shipping department to help with any technical, software, and shipping issues (many of our competitors just sell you a product with no technical support available). We have the ability to provide quality Surveillance and Access Control Systems, custom built to your specifications. Looking for a competitive edge in your business today? Call PCSurveillance and let us help you design the right Surveillance and Access Control System for your application!

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