What do you do when your pepper spray or mace expires?

Every canister of pepper spray or mace expires one day. Do you know what to do next?
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Yes, this happens to every owner of a pepper spray can. One day you looked at the expiration date on your trusted old can of Mace or Pepper spray and saw that the expiration date has already passed. Do you think throwing it in a trash bin is the best thing to do? — Think again…

When pepper spray (or Mace spray) expires, or after 12 months after the purchase it would be prudent to replace your spray unconditionally and buy a new one.

Because every aerosol-based can of pepper spray (including mace) is prone to lose internal pressure overtime. The liquid pepper essence remains potent for ages but the propellant gas inside the canister (the gas pushes the spray out) does lose its pressure. When that happens the can does not shoot the spray anymore but just sputters it around. It’s dangerous to rely on old cans because you can never be sure how it will perform when you need it the most.
It’s much easier to replace it on regularly, every 10-12 months.

Good.. but what do you do with the old canister?

Excellent question!!!
It would be a good idea to use it for practice.
If the canister lost some pressure the range will be short but that’s still ok for practice.
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-Take it outside and make sure there are no by-standers around.
-Make a quick “target” for your practice: it could be a lamp post, or a tree, or a spot on the wall.
-If it’s windy, determine where the wind is blowing from and make sure to spray down wind.
-Approach your target, when you are 5-8 feet from it, engage your spray and try to hit the target with the stream coming out of the canister.
Empty your old canister fully.

After this, place the canister in a plastic bag carefully, close the bag and discard it securely, so no children can touch it.

Remember to get a replacement mace or pepper spray first!

Stay Safe!