Stylish tasers and stun guns


When you buy a self-defense device, whether a pepper spray or a stun gun, you commit to carry it around.

Well, now you can carry it with style and sometimes, it can even be color coordinated with your outfit or purse.

The first device we want to introduce today is a new taser C2.

The new taser has a modern sleek design, pink skin (other colors available) and a comfortable grip of an electric shaver. Inside its belly, the stinger packs charges, wires, darts and thousands of Volts of incapacitating electroshock.

When you press a trigger, the C2 taser shoots out two darts that on impact send an electroshock to the target. The C2 taser is a consumer version of the same weapon Law Enforcement uses these days.

20070910-stungun_ZAP950_15_LRGThe C2 taser will be available in our >> Stun Devices catalog soon.

Why wait for the C2 if you can carry 950,000 Volts of protection with you right now.

Introducing the famous ZAP 950 stun gun that now comes in pink. This stun gun is miniature in size and easily fits into a purse, a pocket, or a pack of cigarettes.

Inside this tiny body are hidden 950,000 volts capable of stopping and incapacitating even a large subject.

ZAP 950 stungun also feature stylish modern design, two colors: black and pink, and comes in its own cute pouch.

Buy ZAP 950 right now here.