Stun Gun For Street Fight?

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Stun gun is such a fascinating object.
Recently we got this question on the popular stun gun review in this blog:

“Hi ,
how many guys I can block by stunning them for 5-10 minutes with one charge of the battery .

This great question deserves its own post here. Read on…

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your question!

First of all you do not need to “keep frying” your assailant with a stun gun for 5-10 minutes.
5 seconds will suffice to incapacitate a person and put even a large body to rest on the ground.
The reason for that is the way how stun guns work.
If an electric chair or a naked exposed wire sends strong electric current (several Amps) through the unfortunate victim’s body, stun guns sends very little electric current (~0.003 A).

They do not produce damage to the live tissue by burning it, like a lightning would do.
The stun guns override the nervous system’s impulses controlling body’s muscles.
In a few seconds the stun gun sends so much disturbance into the muscle system that the muscle become extremely “overworked” and not capable to do anything anymore. The person can not stand, or sit, or move. The neuro-muscular system will restore its electro-chemical balance in 10-30 minutes and the person will recover from the stupor.

Considering that such a short application (5-7 sec) will take down one of your adversaries, in one minute time you can incapacitate 10-12 people. That’s if they keep coming in a single file. If they start running away scared, it might take longer to chase them down đŸ™‚

A new battery in your stun gun does allow you to do that rather easily. If the battery was old or depleted the stun gun will not work properly, so it is to your advantage to keep battery in your stun gun fresh and strong. If it’s a rechargeable battery — keep it recharged, if it’s a regular battery – replace it on a regular basis.

Hope it helps!
Stay Safe!

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