Stun Gun and TASER Devices In Illinois


As you might know stun gun and taser devices in Illinois are greatly restricted.
Those laws also vary from one locality/city to another.

Here is what we already know about stun guns and tasers in IL:


In Illinois you must have a valid Firearms ID card to possess a taser device or a stun gun.
One should go through the process of obtaining a Firearm ID that might likely include a background check, application fee, and waiting period. If you do not have a FID in Illinois please go to the official IL state Police website for instructions.

Possession of stun guns and tasers in IL is at least a misdemeanor but could be a felony.
It is your responsibility to know and follow the applicable laws in your localities. If in doubt, call your local Police Department and ask them for guidance.
Because of this IL state law, we may not ship stun guns and tasers to Illinois state addresses.
One should follow IL state regulations to obtain stun guns legally in person.

If you mean to buy a stun gun as a gift for someone living outside of Illinois, that’s no problem.
Please let us know and we will ship your stun gun or taser present to that special someone in a different state (if, of course, that new address is in a stun gun friendly city and state).
Don’t worry, your order will be handled accordingly: no pricing information will be shown.

If in doubt, please call us at 800-344-0650 and talk to our support team.
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Stun guns and tasers are very effective self-defense devices and they are also high-tech.
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