Safe Temperatures for Pepper Spray and Mace

At what safe temperature (Hi & Low)may the cans of mace or pepper spray be left out in a vehicle?

It’s a good question, all year around.
You expect that your aerosol can of OC spray (pepper spray or mace) last at least 12 months, so this will definitely include the freezing cold of winter and a scorching summer heat.
After 12 months you will replace your bottle of pepper spray but what should you do in the meantime?
Read on…

First the heat:
most manufacturers of aerosol-based cans of OC pepper sprays, such as Mace, WildFire, Pepper Shot brands, suggest storage below 120F (49C).
A good can might survive a short exposure to even higher temperature but please listen to the manufacturer’s guidelines and play it safe under 120F.
Do not leave your can under direct sun rays, no matter what temperature it is outside, because the sun could heat the can itself to a much higher degree than the air outside.

Now the freezing point:
As for the lowest operational point, some specifications say nothing at all, some
mention -5F (-20C).
This is probably a reasonable threshold since the aerosol pepper sprays are
based on the mix of water and ethylene glycol, which is an anti-freeze.
At temperatures lower than that the OC spray might turn into gel, become slow with a very short range .
So keep your pepper spray can with you or in your purse during the summer and winter months and be safe.

By the way, the biggest operational temperature range is officially posted by the GuardianAngel:
from -5F up to 176F. That’s hot-t-t-t-t!

Kimber Lifeact’s GuardianAngel