Police Need Your Help: Woman sexually assaulted in DC

Quite a sobering story in all its simplicity: a woman in her 30’s was walking along the 3700 block of Martin Luther King Avenue in SE, DC, around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, when she was abducted and sexually assaulted before being tossed back onto the street.

Yes, just like that, in broad day light, and in a not that bad area of Washington they say. Police is looking for three suspects that the woman could not identify because

they blinded her by spraying mace in her face and then put a bag over her head, and so she saw nothing.

Woman assaulted in DC
Here are the details of the assault reported by WUSA9 (link) :

“As she was walking alone, an unknown Sports Utility Vehicle pulled up alongside her.”  [Police] says the woman was sprayed with a mace-like substance, a bag placed over her, and she was thrown in the SUV.

“She was driven to an unknown location  where she was sexually assaulted, she was then forced back into the vehicle and taken to a separate area  where she was pushed out of the vehicle and released.”

The next paragraph from the report is what brought our attention to this incident. It is simply a reaction of another woman from the same neighborhood and it illustrates exactly what we’ve been telling, tweeting, posting, donating and selling for years: “Have a pepper spray or mace (or whatever) on you, just in case because it is ALWAYS better than nothing”. So here you have from another woman living there:

News of the abduction and assault was an unwelcome shock to many women we talked to in the area. Mariah Cooper says she’s lived in the neighborhood her whole life, “This neighborhood is not like that, you never hear of nothing like this, so this is really a shock…definitely gonna carry some mace with me.

We sincerely hope, Mariah, you will. For every lady out there, please it just makes sense to have something as simple and as small as a can of pepper spray or mace. And since you are reading this, save yourself a trip to a store and order it from this catalog: pepper sprays and mace sprays.

Back to the story. So if you have anything to help this woman get at least some psychological relief from the fact her rapists got caught, please contact the numbers below:

She was not able to get any type of ID or description of the males. I can say that they were black males. Right now, we have very little else to go on we’re asking if anyone was able to see anything  or they know anything please give us a call. The SUV is only described as dark-colored

Anyone who has knowledge of this case, knows the identity of the suspects or sees them, should take no action, but should immediately call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.




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