Pepper Spray And Self-Defense at University of North Texas

The following story came from the University of North Texas (UNT).
The students, the faculty, the police department, sororities and fraternities, local martial art experts all joined together to make assaults and rapes on the campus much less likely. Pepper spray and development of common sense skills to use it were in the center of the event hosted by the UNT. The pepper spray was selected because it is by far the easiest and the most effective solution to defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

So what exactly did the UNT do?
Read on because some safety and pepper spray tips will be true for you whether you are on campus or walking your dog in a park at night.

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UNT holds self-defense pepper spray event
(Originally reported by Nana Adwoa Antwi-Boasiako here)Many female students often fear walking around at night by themselves.

The Multicultural Center, in collaboration with the UNT Police Department, Greek Life, Interfraternity Council, Delta Gamma Sorority and the University Program Council, hosted the fourth annual Dynamic Defense Session at the Golden Eagle Suite.

“It’s an opportunity to meet other students and be aware of resources,” said Uyen Tran, the assistant director of the Multicultural Center. The session implemented self-defense in a nontraditional setting.

The session involved teaching attendees about how students can take protective measures to ensure safety on-and-off campus and practicing different self-defense techniques.
Members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity volunteered their time to be the punching bags for the 100 women in attendance.
Corporal Jeff Arrington, a UNT crime prevention officer, demonstrated how to effectively use pepper spray, Tasers and Tac flashlights.

Time is an important factor when using pepper spray, he said.

It is better to use the spray version of pepper spray instead of the foam version because it takes more time for the foam to hit a target.

For most people, the first thing they do when attacked is kick, Arrington said.
He demonstrated the proper way of kicking and releasing oneself from bondage.
Many audience members said they often hold a key between their fingers in case of attack.
Most cases reported to the police where people had tried this particular technique ended up hurting their wrist in one way or another, Arrington said.

One of the main goals for holding the session was to prevent sexual harassment and rape, he said.
“Communication is a huge aspect,” Arrington said.
Traveling in groups is essential and students should always let other people know where they’re going in case of an emergency, he said. Students should also stay sober, especially when they have to drive.

“Prevent yourself from being a victim,” said Jimmy Dorough, a criminal justice senior and police student assistant.

While the defense class helped many people physically, it also helped others emotionally in case they have to respond to an attacker.

“It gives self-confidence if afraid to walk alone at night,” said Kelsey Fryman, a history sophomore.

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