Pepper Spray Is Allowed In Central Michigan University: Now what?

Pepper Spray Is Now Allowed

Last week CMU’s (Central Michigan University) Student Government Association has ruled to remove pepper spray from a list of “dangerous chemicals” which have been banned on the University’s campus. Yes, you are guessing it right: universities, as well as towns, counties and other localities can declare certain chemicals or self-defense tools banned in their “jurisdictions”, even if a law of the state says nothing about the subject. We do not interpret laws here ( let lawyers do that..), just reminding you to double-check with your local counselor if your self defense options of protecting yourself, like a 1/2oz can in your purse, puts you in a conflict with some rule or a law.

That was the case with the Central Michigan University that had the main ingredient of pepper spray: Oleoresin Capsicum (liquid pepper extract) classified as a dangerous chemical and thus not allowed on the campus. The Michigan state law never ruled against pepper spray in such a dramatic manner (some restrictions but not an outright ban) but the school did. The students had to obey the school’s rules when on the campus and do not have any pepper spray based means of self-defense whatsoever.

Now the students can carry pepper sprays with them and have some means of self-defense when they find themselves in a situation when they need it. According to this post,  the CMU Police Lt. C. Wassman wisely cautions students “…to not entirely rely on something like pepper spray. It is just another tool they can use to protect themselves.”  Absolutely!

“They should trust their instincts,” he also advised. “If they think they are in a bad situation or a situation that could turn bad, they should get out of that situation and contact us. We encourage people to walk in groups of two or more.” That’s exactly right.

Michigan State Law on Pepper Spray

So now when you can carry a can of pepper spray on the MCU campus, you might want to check with the Michigan State law what exactly you can buy and possess in Michigan.

Pepper spray is legal in Michigan. The Michigan State Law has some restrictions on pepper spray but it is legal in the state. So what is restricted? Here is the excerpt from the official (as of March 2013) Michigan Legislature 750.224d Self-defense spray or foam device, Sec. 224d.( page ) stating that:

  •  the pepper spray should not have concentration more than 10% of oleoresin capsicum
  • the device should not eject or spray anything else
  • the device may not be used as the threat or as the weapon in a commission of a crime (duh…)
  • the device shall not be given to a minor
  • via the definition above, any self-defense device that has tear gas (“CN” gas) in it is illegal in Michigan
  • and all that for: (b) The reasonable use of a self-defense spray or foam device containing not more than 10% oleoresin capsicum by a person in the protection of a person or property under circumstances that would justify the person’s use of physical force.

Michigan law makers change the pepper spray legislature once in a while (1991, 1992, 2006 and 2010), so you might want to check that official page for their current opinion.

What to do now.

Since you are reading this here, in this PepperSprayCenter blog, you probably like to get one of those pepper sprays for yourself or your loved one in Michigan. And since we carry all kinds of pepper sprays in our catalog, some of them will not be legal in Michigan.

Not to confuse you, we’ll give no links here to the products banned in Michigan, we’ll just mention the banned features for you to look out for. Firstly,

Stay away from any WildFire or FoxLab brands – they have higher than 10% concentration, Mace Triple Action items – they have CN gas in them

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Stay Safe folks! In Michigan and elsewhere.