Pepper Blaster II and Pepper Blaster Spontaneous Review


Just few days ago we received this email from a Pepper Blaster owner:

Is the original Kimber pepper blaster still available, or is only the new
stupid bright red “draw attention to me” model II available?

You could clip the original to a belt – and no one would look at you twice.
The ergonomics were perfect. I think all mine expire in June 2011, and the
red Kimber – not working for me.

I have a Kimber Custom II in .45 ca., and really loved the original.
I don’t know how Kimber could have screwed this up…


Our response to the guy could be of interest to our readers and all Pepper Blaster owners out there, So — read on…

Our reply is below:

“Hello F.D.!

Thank you for your interest in our pepper blasters!

Yes, you are right: currently the only pepper blaster available is the cherry red, pistol-looking pepper blaster II.
You’re right again: it does not have the belt clip.

So the question really is, what are you going to do about it?

Some information you might find helpful to figure out your next step:

– (This is “top secret”) within a couple of months Kimber will start selling the same shape blaster II but in GREY.

– you can still find the original Pepper Blaster being sold by some slow retailers on the web. They sell them really cheap now.
You can search for it and you’ll see the original model sold. Let us know if you can find them and we can email you the links.

– the problem is that even if you buy the original one now it still has the same expiration date somewhere in 2011-2012.
It could be ok if you use them frequently.

– btw, Kimber does not make the Blasters. Kimber is the exclusive distributor of them in the US. They are made in Switzerland.
Kimber influenced their re-design — yes.

– the main issue with the old pepper blaster that caused the re-design and that lots of folks complained about was difficulty aiming.

The original one had no sights and folks got confused how to handle it and how to align it to aim.
Even the Swiss had problems with that and tried to position and use the non-holding hand as an aligning aid but that was awkward and unreliable. They even missed a lot in their promotional videos.

So now you have it.
You decide what to do next.
I still carry the old one in my car and if it expires or gets fired from I’ll get the new Pepper Blaster II.
It’s just more practical to get it than not to.
No belt clip but so much easier to aim, and the expiration is so far away.

Btw, there are small holsters available HERE

You decide.
Let us know if you need any other info, other products or discount — we’ll be happy to help you! No problem.

Stay Safe,
For you reference:
Here is how the original Kimber Pepper Blaster, a.k.a Kimber Guardian Angel, and the new Pepper Blaster II look like:


Pepper Blaster II is available in red for now but if you’d like to get a grey pepper blaster II please contact us and we’ll reserve one for you.

Stay Safe!