Pepper Blaster GuardianAngel Review


I own 3 of theese.

Tested one Pepper Blaster and it was very easy to hit the target.
I got some of the OC spray on my skin and it caused a burn that lasted about 24 hours.
This product is 10% OC 2.4% Major Capsaicinoids (Bear Spray is 2.0% OC) with 399,000 at the nozzle heat derived from raw food grade [peppers] OC with 4 Million Scoville heat units.

I hope I never have to use this but if I do I know the Pepper Blaster will work.

—by Brent376

Thank you, Brent!

The Pepper Blaster Guardian Angel is a fantastic product!
If don’t already know, instead of spraying the liquid concentrated pepper, the PepperBlaster shoots a pepper gel blob with its own built-in pyro charge. It has 2 independent shots.
It’s slim, extremely reliable, powerful and precise.

Do you know that it is more economical than regular pepper sprays?

One has to replace regular pepper sprays every 10-12 months due to a possible loss of pressure in the canister.
The Pepper Blaster has no internal pressure to lose whatsoever. It can be lying around in your purse or glove compartment for years and will still shoot precisely and with the same force the day it was manufactured. Fire one shot today, keep the 2nd shot for much later – it’s like 2 separate cans of spray in one unit.

So if you multiply the price of a canister by 2: $8.95 x 2 = $17.90
If you keep buying 2 canisters of regular sprays every 12 months for 3 years, your cost is: $53.70.
And if you carry your 2-shot Pepper Blaster for the same 3 years, your cost is the same $40.

We hope that makes sense now.
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