Kimber Pepper Blaster Review Comment


Recently we published a small review of both Pepper Blaster II and the original Kimber Guardian Angel. You can read it here. It started as a flaming email from a customer criticizing Kimber for redesign of the Pepper Blaster.
Since we’ve been selling both models from their first day in the US in 2006, we decided, based on that experience, to take a second look at that re-design’s pluses and minuses. Check the link above for the full post text.

The feedback to this review was very appreciative. The OP was so kind to take his time and write his ‘thank you’ note. Here it is:

You guys are amazing … I mean that.

This information is fantastic. I wish Kimber would return to the original
format, because with cell-phones and even ancient pagers, no one gave them a
second look – even outside belts on shorts in summer.

Looks like I will get the red and tuck away ….

Thanks so much for the support and time to write back.

You don’t find that very often.


Thank you, Frederick, for your kind words!

You actually have a point: (Read on…)

That’s correct: the new Kimber pepper blaster does resemble a handgun. On purpose. There are no doubts about it. It’s a two-edge sword: your attacker will be deterred by the look of it, if the pepper blaster II is mistaken for a pistol. At the same time, a police officer might start treating you differently while thinking you’re carrying a firearm. True on both accounts. Is it necessarily bad?

Who would you rather protect yourself against: a criminal or a cop? You better protect yourself against a criminal because there are much more crime perpetrated by thugs than mistakes made by police. There are dozens of rapes and assaults reported everyday but how many erroneous shootings have you heard about lately? Not much.

Like it or leave it.

This is our story and we are sticking to it. 🙂

Stay Safe!