15 Year Old Jogger Wards Off Attacker With Mace Spray

pepper-gel-faceListen: Mace saves women’s lives.

Here is a fresh story that is as good as it is simple.
A Fairfax, VA jogger who’s only 15-year-old was accosted from behind while running. The girl had a Mace spray on her and used it on the attacker. The attack quickly stopped: the girl and the creep ran away in opposite directions.

The brave girl could not give the police a good description of the attacker but she’s alive and well, she’s not raped, not humiliated, not mugged, just shaken up by what happened.

With some hesitation we are embedding this video clip from a fox affiliate station in DC. Why hesitation? Mostly because the video shows very little of the story itself, just the path where it happened and reactions of fellow joggers wrapped in the politically correct pronouncement by the anchor woman:
“…they [police] suggests handing over your purse or wallet during robbery but it’s up to the individual victim to decide whether to fight back or not…”

The police or the TV anchor were not on record about what you have to hand over in case of rape. So here is the unreal tv report of a real story:

The 15-year-old girl showed quite clearly that if you have a chance to fight off an attacker, it’s better to fight. Mace spray, pepper spray will give you such a chance. They do work.

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