How Pepper Spray works

Watch this entertaining video show about what effects pepper sprays produce on a regular human.
The TV series “Human Guinea Pigs” personalities volunteered to be pepper sprayed and filmed.


While being entertained, please pay attention to 3 things in this video:

1) Since many customers wrote to us they were surprised seeing a stream and not mist coming out their new can of pepper spray, please notice how the stream looks like.
It is a stream, a tight cone that will come out of the can’s nozzle (at 1 min 28 sec mark).

2) See the distance chosen by the officer to deploy the spray (~ 4 feet).
The spray hits the guys precisely where the officer targets. Depending on the size of your pepper spray can, you can usually double this distance (~8-9 feet) and still deliver the spray precisely where you aim.

3) Notice how calm and confident the officer applying the spray is.
No hesitation, no unnecessary movements — he was done applying the spray in one sweep in less than a second.

Why? He was practicing shooting the spray.
It is a very simple act but to perform it easily and effectively — PLEASE PRACTICE.
If you have to buy a second can of pepper spray — please DO.
We have several models of Pepper Sprays and Mace and available with a lower price for the second can.

Stay Safe!