From Karen Jefferson: Defense against scooter jackings.



I ride a Vespa motorscooter and there have been a lot of “scooter-jackings” in DC lately, even in broad daylight on busy roads.
The thieves hop on the back of the seat when you are stopped at a light and then push you off and steal the scooter. I’m really sick of this. The police have not caught any of these thieves. Is there a product you carry that you might recommend for someone like me who would be riding, and wearing leather gloves, helmet, etc., and it is hard to react quickly?

Karen Jefferson, DC

Please suggest your ideas to Karen and all scooter riders.

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Dear Karen,

Thank you for your question!
We want to help you:

Since you live and ride in DC stun guns or tasers will not work for you there — they are illegal in the District of Columbia.
What we think could be a much better protection tool for you and your friends is a Pepper Spray shooter, like the GuardianAngel or DragonFire.
Both devices shoot Pepper Gel using their own power drives.
The velocity is above 90 mph and the range: 12 – 20 feet.
It will give you time to take the device out, while the scooter is being hi-jacked, and fire the charges at the criminals, even if they are leaving on the scooter. Both devices shoot with great force which helps you to deliver the pepper gel to the target without cross contamination.

Check the videos posted on the website. We think it is the best protection
tool self-defense marketplace can offer.

GuardianAngel Pepper spray shooter: hi-tech design, slim, worn on a belt or in a pocket,
shoots with its own pyrotechnic drive.

DragonFire Pepper spray shooter: it looks like a pistol which could be a psychological help.

Both are legal in DC.

We are asking you, our readers and customers, what other solutions might help defend scooter riders against hi-jackings?

Please leave your comments below.

Thank you in advance!