Farewell to Taser M-18

Today we said farewell to the product that for many years was the Taser®, the one and only taser available to consumers: the famous M-18 model.

Taser International, the manufacturer of the device, discontinued the device some weeks ago and all existing supplies of tasers have been sold. Today it disappeared from the pages of our catalog. Read more…


The big, the bad and the… “beauty challenged” M-18 was available in 2 configurations: with a laser sight or with 2 extra air cartridges. These two options let you either aim better or shoot more.

Taser M-18 can be likened to another technological marvel: Walkman.
The M-18 is to Taser C2 what Walkman is to iPod.

We did not know any better and we were happy to accept it for what it indeed was: superb protection with 15 foot range and “higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun”, as the original marketing piece said.
The old buddy was claimed to be a “quantum leap in stopping power via new Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology”.
Since then, the taser technology made several steps forward and now we can take down “bad guys” with more elegance.

Just look at the C2 model and you will understand why:
<%image(20090819-taser_c2_laser_pink.jpg|160|92|taser c2 stungun)%>
To top design elegance with comfort also consider buying the holster for C2 with build-in MP3 player.

The old M-18 will not be forgotten and will not be missed.
Get a new Taser C2 model instead.