BitCoin Privacy For Online Shopping

What currency is like cash but digitally transmittable allowing for ultimate anonymity and global mobility? It’s called Bitcoin. Banks do not like it because bitcoin users do not need banks for any transactions. Actually, Bitcoin does not even need a government or a country in order to guarantee its acceptance because it clears in the open between peers. Think of it as a big barter club: bitcoins flow directly from one person to another without anybody in the middle. Who are the two people involved in the transaction is unknown. That’s good.

So if you happen to cherish your privacy and long the times when you could enter a store and buy anything you want paying in cash without letting everyone know what you just bought, you probably already checked Bitcoins out.
If you don’t know what it is, then check this infographics out – it explains how the bitcoin system work.

There is a lot of hype nowadays about bitcoins: hyper-positive and hyper-negative alike — just don’t buy into it because it’s just hype and transient opinions.
Remember one thing: if you want more anonymity in your online transactions than credit cards and paypal – there is nothing better (at the moment) than Bitcoins.

From mining, supply, demand, and security, Bitcoin Infographics covers it all.