Another Brave Woman Fends Off Robber With Pepper Spray

It was uneventful Monday in the Hewitt, TX hair salon when a would-be robber stormed in to rob the place. We think there is something pathetic and even pitiful in the very idea to rob a hair salon of all places. It could be that the noticeable desperation of this act empowered a customer, a brave woman, to pull out her pepper spray and (Read on…)

…and gave the attacker a good deal of face spraying. From this point on, the robbery did not progress that well.

The “robber” wore a black ski mask, so only his eyes were exposed. However, some of the spray must’ve got stuck in the mask’s fibers and breathing through it surely hurt like hell. Disoriented and in pain, he left the hair salon hastily and a Pontiac Bonneville picked him up and drove away.

The Police came a tad later to take the eyewitness accounts and report the event.

Needless to say, our sympathies go to the brave woman with the pepper spray. She assessed the situation quickly, did not hesitate much, knew what to do, took a stand, aimed well and fought off the attacker.

If you read the News website where the story was originally reported, do yourself a favor and skip the boring video in the post — it shows absolutely nothing of interest and value. Instead go the comments section down below and read the opinions and emotions of the local folks. It seems like the people of Hewitt, know their pepper sprays and stun guns and will not hesitate to use them when needed.

Some of them discussed other self-defense options that might come handy when there is nothing else, like wasp spray.
We see a lot of threads on the web with this kind of “advice”. Yes, there are lots of chemicals out there that will hurt a human or an animal. The “hurt” quality does not make them automatically a good self-defense weapon.

For starters, the wasp spray is big and unwieldy vs. pepper spray that comes in a neat ergonomic canister that’s easy to carry and handle.

Then, the protective quality of other chemicals is unknown vs. well-documented and time-tested heat factor of pepper sprays. Nobody really tested and reported how painful the wasp spray was. And our guess is – nobody will.

Do you know why? Because using those chemical in unintended ways is illegal thing to do, so nobody will be doing this kind of “research” and reporting. Pepper sprays, on the other hand, are intended to be used in self-defense situations and you will be in a much better legal situation after fending off an attack with pepper sprays. You don’t need no lawyer calculating damages you perpetrated on your attacker. That’s some insult to injury…

More practically, pepper sprays are ubiquitous, sold everywhere. Since you are reading this post you should know where to buy pepper spray: on the next page right here. 🙂

Way to go, Hewitt!