21 year old girl defends herself with Mace

Girl with Mace fought off an armed rapist.

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Philadelphia, PA, September 1 — Media outlets in Philadelphia published an attempted sexual assault story that happened in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. 21 year old girl was returning home from a nearby pizza place and, when entering the building where she lived, she was attacked by a person armed with a knife. What happened next took the assailant by surprise:…

The brave girl fought for her life and her dignity, she took out a can of mace and sprayed the assailant in the face.
Dazed and shocked by pain that pepper spray generated, the guy pulled back and was able to punch the girl in the face but then, realizing that without vision and in ever increasing pain he can not do anything and will soon be arrested, just took off and fled the scene.

The brave girl is only 21. She did not want to put up with this threat and fought back with all she got.
If she had nothing she would’ve fought as fiercely with her teeth and nails but luckily, she had a can of mace pepper spray.
She used it and she is alive.
Yes, she got punched in the face and likely she’s bruised now but the bruises will go away soon.
Her dignity and life are definitely worth a few bruises.

This story shows how a simple device, like a can of pepper spray or mace, improves your odds tremendously in a hostile encounter.
Your assailant can still walk and throw punches but he is no longer on top of the situation.
After being sprayed with mace or pepper spray, his focus has totally changed from rape to his own survival.
The would be rape victim is no longer of any interest to that person, his vital functions, like breathing and vision, are now of his utmost concern. That is what gives you an opportunity to escape the danger zone.

Here is the link to the video of the girl’s father saying: “We were thanking God that she was okay[…]She’s tough. She’ll defend herself.”

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