Wildfire Strongest Pepper Spray, 9 oz, Pistol Grip

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WILDFIRE PEPPER SPRAY in 9 oz. Pistol Grip Fogger - The strongest pepper spray!

Wildfire manufactures the strongest pepper spray. The Wildfire brand  takes 2,000,000 (2 Million) Scoville Heat Unit pepper spray (a.k.a. OC spray). The result -- this is the strongest pepper spray on the market today.

This 9oz model has pistol grip. It is too large for a pocket but should be fine in a bag, in a trunk of a car, or in a shop.

Advice: get the holster for it right from this page because it's cheaper than buying them later.

The same size model is also available with the fire extinguisher configuration.

This heat level of this stronget pepper spray creates extreme pain that lasts between 30-50 minutes, so the aggressor is impaired, can not breathe, disoriented, and can not continue the attack. This will give give you an opportunity to leave the danger zone safely.

This model is a fogger, itcontains 38 one-second bursts and has the range of 20 feet.

Extremely powerful!

Michigan: Due to OC concentration this pepper spray may not be shipped to Michigan.
New York: Legal in New York state but shipment to NY state is restricted.
Massachusetts: Shipment of Pepper spray to Massachusetts is restricted.


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  • Model: WF-9PG

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