WildFire Pepper Spray, flip-top safety, stream pattern, 2 oz

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WILDFIRE 1.4%MC Pepper Spray, 2 ounce, flip-top stream pattern sprayer!

WildFire 1.4MC% Pepper spray is hotter than other sprays, hotter than Mace sprays for sure.

Inside each WildFire pepper spray canister is concentrated liquid pepper extract with 1.4% of Major Capsainoids, with the final (on nozzle) heat index of 2,000,000 (2 million!) Scoville Heat Units. 

This Wildfire 1.4%MC Pepper Spray 2 oz canister has Flip top safety covering the actuator button.

The canister delivers a streaming pattern and contains 6-8 half-second bursts with a range of 8-10 feet.

Due to concentration it may not be shipped to Michigan.
Legal in New York state but shipments to New York state are restricted.
Can not be shipped to Massachusetts.

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  • Model: WF-2FT

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