WildFire Strongest Pepper Spray

Some want to buy a brand name, like Mace, but YOU want power. You want higher concentration pepper sprays, you want the hottest spray, Brand name is just a word -- what will save your life is strength and power you carry in your pocket or purse.
If this is you, we have the strongest pepper sprays, the hottest pepper sprays for you here. Look: The pepper sprays in this section have 18% concentration of OC, liquid pepper extract.
(Mace sprays are only 10% concentration OC sprays).
The pepper sprays in this section pack 3,000,000 (3 Million) Scoville Heat Unit that measure the inflicted heat. How hot are 3 Million units? It is unbearable.
(Mace sprays mostly have only 2 millions).

bicycling blogpepper spray to protect cyclists
According to Bicycling enthusiasts, WildFire provides superb protection against aggressive dogs (link).     
It's no wonder, these hottest pepper sprays are called WildFire Pepper sprays. Just like other self-defense sprays, WildFire sprays, cause extreme pain, involuntary eyes closure and severe difficulties breathing. These pepper spray effects will last 30-50 minutes giving you plenty of time to escape. They cause no permanent damage. Buy the strongest 18% pepper spray protection for yourself and your loved ones: Here you can buy Mace protection for yourself and your house: 


- WildFire Pepper Spray on keychain,
- WildFire Pepper Spray personal size,
- More Wildfire canister sizes to come.
Shop with Confidence: 30 day money back guarantee by Pepper Spray Center


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