Stun Gun ZAP 950 PINK, new mini ZAPPER 950 stungun

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ZAP 950 Pink stun gun: Amazing 1 Million Volt power in a slim body!

This is an amazing stun gun for a lady's protection because it is small, light, easy and powerful.

This particular model also known as ZAP 950 stun has the biggest voltage in all our catalog - 950,000 volts!

Although even 100,000 volts is enough to stop an attacker, the bigger the voltage the stronger the arc and the sound the device produces: the psychological impact is much stronger as well.

This miniature size of this model gives you a surprise advantage over the attacker who would not even suspect that you are armed and capable to protect yourself.

The ZAP 950 taser fits easily into any purse or a pocket.
See the photograph: the ZAP 950 stungun (ZAPPER 950 stun) is featured next to the pack of cigarettes for size comparison. Amazing power in this tiny body!!!

The stun gun will come with its own nylon holster - FREE - to protect your stun gun from scratches and falls.

The device delivers 950,000 (that's thousands!) volts of electric shock which is much more than adequate to incapacitate an attacker of any size.

Buy today and you will save more money because you will also receive - FREE - 3 lithium batteries (a $15 value!) - FREE with your order.

States and cities where stun devices are prohibited are: DC, HI, MA, MI, RI, NY, NJ, WI, Annapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, and Philadelphia

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  • Model: ZAP 950 PINK

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 July, 2010.