Double Trouble Stun Gun, 1,2 Million volt stungun by ZAP

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Double Trouble 1.2 Million volt stun gun: your chance of success just doubled!

Have you heard of the Blast Knuckles (Blast 950) stun gun that is impossible to take away from you?
Geniuses at ZAP, the manufacturer of these increasingly popular and stun guns, were busy at work trying to improve upon the success of the Blast 950.
What they've come up with is presented on this page: the Double Trouble 1.2 Million volt stun gun.

The DoubleTrouble has the same wrapping handle design that makes it very difficult and unlikely to remove the stun gun from your hand.
Notice that the Double Trouble has not one but TWO sets of electrodes and, when fired, makes not one but TWO electric arcs: one on each side of the stungun.
This is really important because it will be 2 times easier to touch the assailant with the electrodes and escape from danger.

The Double Trouble stun gun produces the biggest voltage of 1.2 Million volts.
Even 100,000 volts discharge is enough to stop an attacker, however, the greater the voltage the stronger the arc and the sound the device produces: the psychological impact is much stronger as well.
Now -- multiply the effects by 2!

When you draw the Double Trouble 950 out it will show with 100% certainty that you've come prepared, that you mean business, and that you will stop at nothing to protect yourself and your loved ones. Even ruthless criminals would rather attack a powerless person rather than someone who's prepared to defend oneself.

States and cities where stun devices are prohibited are: DC, HI, MA, MI, RI, NY, NJ, WI, Annapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, and Philadelphia


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  • Model: ZAPDT

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