Cell Phone Stun Gun, 4.5 Million Volts Pretender Stun Gun

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Cell Phone Stun Gun - 4.5 Milion volts stun gun - The Pretender

ATTENTION: This particular model has been discontinued. The link to the replacement will be published here when the replacement newer model is available: Stay tuned...

The Pretender is a powerful 4.5 million volts stun gun. This cell phone stun gun will provide you with additional advantage since a would-be attacker will think you only have a cell phone. In reality you will be carrying extremely powerful self-defense device thta packs 4.5 Million volt jolt.

It also has a very bright built-in 12 LED flashlight.

"I purchased the “Pretender” and did five (5) demos on one of my business partners.  Let me tell you, it WORKS.  He felt every bit of the voltage & went down.  We have it on video and plan on putting it on our web page." E.J. Goodman, Sarasota, FL

The Pretender cell phone stun gun is safe to operate: it has two levels of safety built in, in order to prevent accidental discharge. First, the safety switch must be in the "ON" position (this will cause an LED warning light to come on) and, secondly, the trigger button must be pressed before the stun gun works.

The standard model operates on common 3 x CR2 batteries. The batteries are included FREE of charge ($12.00 value).The rechargeable model comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and an integrated charger which is very easy to use. Simply plug the charger into the stun gun and then into an electrical outlet. Free holster also included. Dimensions 4" x 2" x 1"

Note: NOT a Cell Phone - Only as a Stun Gun and Flashlight.


  • Cell phone stun gun 4.5 million volt
  • 12 LED flashlight.
  • Holster (FREE)
  • Standard model: 3 x CR2 batteries ($12.00 value - FREE) or
  • Rechargeable model: Integrated charger (FREE)



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  • Model: PRETENDER

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