Stun guns, TASER ®

With a TASER ® device or stun guns you acquire protection and safety of unrivaled stopping power. You have seen them in the James Bond movies and in the news: Shockers, zappers, stuns can stop one or several aggressors. Electric charge delivered by stuns override assailant's nervous system: the muscles won't move and the aggressor is knocked down. Stunguns work on direct contact, TASER ® devices shoot electric darts out giving you up to 15 feet safety zone. TASER ® C2 is the most popular device due to its size and convenience of use. Please check cellphone stunguns, or stungun flashlights or minis fit in a cigarette pack:
- TASER ® C2 for consumers,
- StunMaster stun guns,
- ZAP 350, ZAP 650, ZAP 950, Runt mini stun guns
- StunMaster Hot Shot, Blast Knuckles stun and many more...

Shop with Confidence: 30 day money back guarantee by Pepper Spray Center

Lifetime Free TASER ® C2 replacement Guarantee:
Buy TASER C2, if you use it in self-defense and left it at the scene, provide a police report to TASER International, Inc. and receive a free TASER C2 replacement. Details inside.


NO stun devices may be shipped to the state of Illinois, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Baltimore,MD, Annapolis,MD, Philadelphia,PA. 
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this regulation.