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The Strongest Pepper spray
The Hottest OC Spray
The Best Pepper Spray Gun
The Most Powerful Stungun

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For those looking for the hottest pepper spray, for the largest Mace can, for the strongest OC, for the highest voltage stun guns, for the longest range pepper spray gun, for the most psychologically intimidating self-defense tools.

In this section you can find:

  • Pepper Spray, including PepperShot, Mace, WildFire, FoxLabs(coming soon) and Mean Green (coming soon)
  • Pepper Spray Gun: including original DragonFire OC (coming soon), Mace Gun, PepperBlaster GuardianAngel
  • Stun Gun: including Stun Master, Runt, ZAP Stick, ZAP BlastKnuckles, ZAP Double Trouble
  • Taser device: Taser C2

Everything in this section is the biggest, the largest, the most powerful from this catalog.