Woman attacked in Spokane was able to escape.

A woman escaped an attack by using self-defense measures, but the suspect is still at large.
By Kjerstin Ramsing / KXLY4 Reporter.
Spokane Police are still looking for a man who jumped out of the bush and grabbed a woman while she was hiking along the trails.

Details of the story and real life self-defense advice for readers inside:

According to police, the 47-year-old female victim was alone when she was ambushed. She was able to escape the attacker and run for help, and police say that the woman was not hurt. Officers searched the popular trial area where the attack took place, but they were not able to find the suspect.

“They are out exercising, they are taking a walk, looking at nature, so I get angry,” said Mrs. Stephens. “I think women could be a little more aggressive and verbal back.”

Stephens was almost violated herself and because of it, she now carries some type of protection at all times. Her preferred method of protection is pepper spray. She also recommends that all women need to have some protection wherever they go, especially when they are working out.

“When you are cycling you can have it on the back of your hand, or when you are running its right here.” Stephens said while motioning to the self-defense piece in her pocket.

Besides pepper spray, Stephens said that tasers [“stun guns, stunguns”] are an effective method of protection against any attack.

Stephens reinforced the importance of self-defense training and in the incident Friday afternoon, she was happy to see that the woman was able to fight off her attacker and get away. Women have a better chance of fighting off an attacker if they watch their surroundings and get prepared for a possible struggle with an assailant.

Just be aware of your surroundings, really watch carefully, and if you can, go with a friend,” said Stephens.

City police are asking people who frequently use this trail to be on the look out and to report any suspicious activity.