Will Dog Repellent Spray fight off a large dog?

Would you be able to tell me if pepper spray would help me fight off a dog that was attacking me?20080903-3dogs
I was attacked a few months ago by a Rottweiler and then this morning, two dogs come after me. There are a lot of loose, unattended dogs in my neighborhood. What size should I get to fight off two dogs?

— Nicole W.


Dear Nicole,

Thank you very much for your interest in our products!

We’d like to help you in your situation.
First, the products:
Number one dog repellent spray on the market is Mace “Muzzle”:
It is pepper spray based and is the most popular dog repellent.
The canister holds 1/2 oz for 10 bursts at 10-12 feet.

If you need to ward off bigger animals, check Bear spray too.
The canister is much bigger (9oz), it shoots further, and covers bigger area. Here is the link to theBear Spray (Bear Repellent).

We also recommend carrying the ulrasonic dog repelling whistle.
The ultrasonic whistle comes handy before the attack happens.
If you feel that dogs might be sizing you up, the ultrasonic blast from the whistle (humans do not hear it, dogs — do) might “change the dog’s mind”. It has a disorienting effect on dogs, so it might give you time to leave the danger zone.

When an attack is imminent, the whistle is not a solution anymore and it’s time for pepper spray.
Aim toward the eyes and the nose.
The pain from pepper spray is significant and it might deter even a large dog. However, the force of determination of the attacking dog might block the pain, so the attack might still happened.
What do you do then?

You can read about the plan B in the e-book: For Good Citizens Only: How to use Pepper Spray.

There is a chapter about animal attacks.

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