What Two Things Most Get Wrong About Pepper Sprays (video)

hqdefaultAre you carrying a pepper spray in your purse or at least have it in your car? You do? – Great!

Do you know how to use it? You do? – Excellent! Please check your skills and get some healthy tips from this couple. They know what they are talking about.

Most likely though, you are either not carrying a pepper spray on your person or have some very vague ideas about how to use it. We are (unfortunately) sure of that because we talk to customers, like yourself, every day and are well aware about the sad state of affairs when it comes to self defense.

First, it takes forever to convince a lady to carry pepper spray. “Yes, I should’ve..”, “yes, I know I need it”, “yes, everyone is telling me to carry it” – are the most common answers. Even when your neighbor got attacked and raped, the procrastination of actually buying one is absolutely mind boggling.

Then when you finally get a pepper spray and put it in your purse, another magic transformation will have happened: the little canister on your keychain now becomes a magic charm, an amulet protecting you from all evil, simply by its presence. Jokes aside, a lot of people carrying a pepper spray do not know how to use it.

So please watch this little video:

Pepper Spray: How to Use the Right Way!

“Kristin & David Demonstrate — Single Take! David Nance is a personal safety expert with over 14 years experience in the personal and professional safety fie…”

You might also find helpful this post here in our blog about a simple way to test pepper spray (same goes for mace sprays) and how to practice using pepper spray here.

You can get yourself pepper sprays here and mace — here.

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