What?! Sprayed Himself With Pepper Spray?


You can’t make this stuff up: First there was a report about an attempted robbery of a strip mall hair salon on a slow Monday. The genius behind the heist got his face full of pepper spray from a brave lady customer and could not leave the place fast enough.

Now a new report comes from Idaho about another attempted robbery and how pepper spray saved the day there (Read on…)

As reported by De Moines Register here , Council Bluffs police are on the hunt for a robber who sprayed himself with pepper spray.

Police said the robbery happened Jan 19, 2011 at night at a mobile phone store called “Cricket Store”.

A guy entered the store, pulled out a gun and made threats to the clerk demanding the daily cash.
After the employee handed him the money, the robber then pulled out a can of pepper spray.
He pressed the release button to spray the clerk but instead sprayed himself in the face. Yes, you read it right: sprayed himself with his own pepper spray.

Guess what his next action was? Why, of course, he ran away. What else could he do with his eyes burning like they are melting and his lungs breathing fire.

Sounds funny? It is. However, you can see what happens with even simple manual movements when you are under stress, pressure, or danger. If they are not automatic through practice, even a simplest act, like pulling your pepper spray canister out, aiming it, or pressing the trigger on the pepper spray could become very cumbersome and error-prone task.

Solution? Practice, practice, practice silly little movements of pulling out your pepper spray, aiming it, spraying it (pretending or for real). Buy two canisters — pepper spray is cheap — use one for practice, use another one for self-defense situation.

Here is the post about practicing.

Here is where to buy pepper spray (2-3 canisters with steep discount, so you can practice).

Stay safe!