What is better: a fogger and a streamer pepper spray?

From: Bonnie T.

I understand a “stream” pepper spray would direct a stream, and that a
“fogger” would direct a mist–but which one is preferred? If a threat is
up-close, which one is better? Does the stream work from a distance? What
is the range for the fogger? Thanks for a response…

PS-7 Streamer and PS-7F Fogger

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You are absolutely correct describing the actions of these 2 kinds of pepper sprays. Which one is better: the “streamer” or the “fogger” would really depend on the environment.
If the situation allows you to aim your spray – a streamer pepper spray is your choice.
The range of a streamer is about 8-12 feet according to the manufacturers.
If it is for an outside use and it is windy – the streamer is your only choice
because the blowback is less probable.
If the situation does not allow you to aim effectively – a fogger pepper spray might be a better device. It creates a heavier “cloud” of pepper spray particles that hovers between you and the would-be attacker.
At the regular range, this “cloud” will most likely cover the head and face of the
assailant and will have the same impact as that of the streamer.
The fogger pepper spray is very effective indoors. Ehen outside, the chances of the wind blowback are higher with the fogger.
Fogger pepper sprays are clearly marked as such on the bottle and usually have a letter “F” in their name.
Stay Safe, Bonnie!
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Pepper Spray PS-7F Fogger
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