What every Customer wants to hear

PepperSprayCenter.com wants you to feel safe and protected.
Here is what we are going to do for you:

Buy any bottle of Pepper Spray or Mace Spray at PepperSprayCenter.com.
If you happen to use it in self-defense in the next 12 months – let us know and
we will send you a new replacement bottle of the spray FREE.

No tricks, no catches, just honest business.
We might (or might not) ask you for a police or an eyewitness report.
Why are we doing it?

Well, after 12 months you are going to replace your old bottle anyways,
so for the year we want you to feel absolutely worry-free and protected.

Do not worry about the cost of the pepper spray in your hand:
if you have to use it — use it and be safe!