Video: Handling GuardianAngel Pepper Spray Shooter

This is the 3rd video about the new generation Pepper Spray system: the Guardian Angel Pepper Spray Launcher, distributed in the US as Kimber Lifeact and sold here at
This video shows instructions of handling the GuardianAngel Pepper Spray shooter.
Viewers, pay attentions: Some handling techniques are the same for regular pepper sprays in bottles!

Click the PLAY button below (it might take some time to download, BE PATIENT, it is worth the wait!):

As you know, the Guardian Angel shoots the pepper spray using its own pyrotechnic drive. The pepper spray liquid is launched with the speed of 90 mph.

As you can see in the video, the speed of the flying spray is so lightningly fast that

    • Any dodging, blocking or running away from the spray is impossible.


    • The pepper spray penetrates through masks, gogles, glasses and clothing.


    • The wind blowback is nil.


As the owner of the GuardianAngel Pepper Spray you have no worries whether the pressure in the bottle is still good, whether your spray will reach the attacker or not, or whether the wind or the rain will hamper your shot.

The GuardianAngel Pepper Spray Launcher WORKS EVERY TIME.

The Guardian Angel can be yours in less than 5 minutes. It is available in store here:

BUY Guardian Angel, Pepper Spray Jet Launcher.

The product is made in Switzerland and known in Europe as Jet Protector Guardian Angel.

Distributed in the US as Kimber Lifeact.