U.K. Citizens e-Petitioning the Goverment to allow pepper sprays for self-defense.

In Great Britain, pepper sprays, including Mace sprays are illegal to carry and to use.
Citizens have started an on-line petition to allow them use these basic self-defense tools: pepper sprays and mace.
Here is the text of the on-line petition:

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Allow Citizens to use non-lethal mace…

Allow Citizens to use non-lethal mace once a relevant C.R.B. [Criminal Record Background] check to ensure that a person with a good relevant criminal record are permitted to obtain mace not those that may use it for criminal purposes.

UK citizens need to use Non-lethal mace before good citizens are forced to use methods that will cause serious injury. A small amount of capsicum (pepper) would be only necessary.

The law at the moment is breaking our basic rights of self-defense and if you choose to accept this petition into the parliament good citizen’s safety will improve dramatically.
High V.A.T. [Value Added Tax] on mace product will insure a good government income also the high price of mace products will insure that mace products goes to the good citizens that need it.

Source: [ http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/MaceDefence ]

Can you help? Well, if you are a U.K. subject – yes, you can.
UK Government and leave your name, thus signing the petition.
For the rest of us, living in the US — just buy Mace while we still may.