The Distinctions Between a Mace Spray From a Pepper Spray

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The Distinctions Between a Mace Spray From a Pepper Spray

Submitted by: Joseph Pressley

There are many self defense weapons that you can personally have to protect yourself from any danger. Sometimes, we just could not predict what will happen to us that is why it is better to be prepared. Today, many people opt to have a either a mace spray or a pepper spray in hand. Aside from the stun guns and TASERs, these protective substances are also used for self protection against any possible attackers. These two can be used interchangeably or some may thought they are just the same but the truth is both have distinct features apart from each other.

First off all, the main difference between the two substances is the main component of the mixture. The mace spray is composed of the active ingredient which is the CN tear gas particle and mixed to a volatile carrier base. On the other hand a pepper spray also known, as oleoresin capsicum or OC spray, comes from hot peppers and are mixed with oily carrier. The ingredients themselves make the two different from each other because each is made from different sources and mixtures.

Moreover, both substances are not similar especially when it comes to how it can be removed once it sticks to your skin. The mace spray is made up of particulate material that is why you need to flush it with heavy water irrigation in order to remove it completely. Once it dries in your skin and you rewet it, the substance will restore its effectiveness and you will feel a very burning sensation on the skin. In contrast to pepper spray, the substance can be ineffective once it dries up due to fresh air. It can also be removed just by washing it with mild soap or the application of Vaseline on the affected area.

Lastly, they are very different especially when it comes to the responsible use of the product. There are certain states which allow the option of having handy self defense weapons like this and there are also places where they prohibit its use. When you choose to have a mace spray, you need to undergo a special training for the responsible use of this equipment. On the contrary, there is no need to join training when you prefer to have a pepper spray as a reliable weapon.

No matter what the differences they may have, both are used as self defense weapons that will be of good use especially when you are suddenly attacked by someone. They can sting and burn the eyes of your attacker, irritate the skin, and cause difficulty in breathing. All these effects can cause your attacker to halt and you will have the chance to run and call for help.

The choice is yours as to what you want to have as a personal protection. With the differences that they have, you can already decide which can be effective for you and safer for you to use. No matter what you choose, your safety is your top priority and the possession of one of these sprays can provide you with what you need.

About the Author: Joseph Pressley is a certified TASER instructor and a Tae Kwon Do black belt and a father of two. He is the co-founder of which provides the best selection of stun gun and pepper spray for self defense. To learn more on how these products can save your life, please visit


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Of course, this formula isn’t just used by civilians who are looking for a self-defense weapon. It is used by police forces around the world and is often employed during riots and protests as a means of non-violent crowd control.

So, Is Pepper Spray Lethal?

If pepper spray was a highly toxic or dangerous substance do you think it would really cost less than $20 and be used a a non-violent defensive agent? The obvious answer is obviously no and you don’t have to worry about your pepper spray leaving any long-lasting side-effects on the person it is used against. However, cases have been recorded that people have died due to excessive force as well as the use of this product. These cases are also related with police brutality and not with civilians who used this device to defend themselves.

But a word of advice, if you are planning on using this product to have some sort of fun with your friends then I strongly advise against it! A powerful OC pepper foam/gel/spray formula causes a lot of pain and can strike true terror into a person, making it hard for them to relax and breath. Effects of Pepper Spray

Here are all the major effects that pepper spray causes once it is used against a person.

The effects: *Continual pain *Blindness *Burning sensation on the skin *Upper body spasms *Difficulty while breathing or speaking *Loss of orientation

As you can see, it is quite an experience, one that you would gladly want to avoid.

How to Use Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray isn’t very difficult to use, although it is a good idea to empty a couple of canisters on a practice dummy just to get a good feeling of how you should grip it and how far its range goes. If you enroll in street safety courses or self-defense training courses you might also have a chance to learn how to use a pepper spray canister properly.

If is very important that you learn how to have a firm, determined grip of the device and that you eliminate all fear from your mind while using it. You need to aim straight for the attackers eyes and spray the OC pepper at them. A lot of pepper spray chemicals nowadays have a special ability to turn into a vapor if they land on the skin instead of the eyes and then this vapor is inhaled by the attacker which will still cause all the effects mentioned above.

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