The Best Compact Stun Gun for Women

It was not us, nor the manufacturer but the web users and surfers, voting with their browsers and clicks, rendered their nomination for the “Best Compact Stun Gun for Women”. We carry many compact and discreet stun guns for women (and men, of course), so the actual winner was a real surprise…

According to the results on all popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and web user preferences, the title of the best compact stun gun for women in our catalog goes to the Pink ZAP Stick 800,000 volts.

Interesting that we never advertised it as “the best” but none the less that the Pink ZAP Stick turned out to be the most popular end destination for people looking for such a thing.

Huh! We have to agree with the wisdom of crowds: although our selection of stunguns (some of them in pink as well) is large, the ZAP stick 800,000 volts does stand out.
It has very simple and effective shape (yes, it’s a stick!..), it fits the hand nicely and the rubberized handle gives it a very snug and firm grip.
It is very easy to conceal just about anywhere: a pocket, a sleeve, a purse, or a bra strap.
The stick design also provides additional inches between you and the would-be assailant.
With other palm-held miniature stun guns you don’t have that.
ZAP Stick dimensions are 6″ long by 1″ wide.

The voltage is extremely powerful at 800,000 volts. You don’t need more volts than that to stop an attacker, it’s plenty.

To seal the deal, you can a lot of freebies when you buy the ZAP stick stun gun:
– FREE batteries,
– FREE holster and wrist wrap,
and a FREE pepper spray (1/2 oz) on keychain as a gift.

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