Thanksgiving, TSA Abuse and Personal Safety

20101122-ron paul tsa

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

My family will be with me these Holidays. We all live together and nobody will have to fly to sit down at the dinner table this Thursday.
But if a relative who lived afar has decided not to join us this year this would be quite okay with us.
If my daughter had to fly back home from an out of state school, I’d advise her to stay away from the airports, armed patrols, humiliating personal searches. I can not tell her that strangers in uniform will be touching her private parts and that’s ok.
It is not ok.

Few years back they had to get a warrant issued by judge in order to do what’s now can be done to anyone heading for the plane.

There is no safety in this procedure and there is no security that this procedure creates.
It’s exactly the opposite: the TSA abusive procedures creates massive insecurity, people feel extremely vulnerable because they lost control over their personal space and over their bodies.

My heart goes to all sexual abuse and rape victims going through this “safety” procedures nowadays.
Once they have lost control over their personal space and body and it ended in a tragedy for them.
All their memories are bound to be back during this human dignity sacrifice.

Down with the groping abuse!
They either do not know what they are doing to us, fellow humans, or they know perfectly well how it makes us feel.
Either way it’s bad and our trust in that agency is completely gone.
Hence their charter is revoked and they are fired!

Here is Ron Paul’s fiery speech about the TSA abuse:

One sentence from this speech resonates deeply with the soul of this blog and our mission:

“Safety should be the responsibility of an individual and the personal property owner”.

We agree, and hope we help you to take this responsibility back into your hearts and into your hands.