Stun guns and pepper spray situation overseas

Recently we received 2 interesting emails from a Danish customer. Actually he is a fellow shop owner dealing in self-defense tools overseas. He has an interesting insight into stun gun and pepper spray situation in European countries.

Here is his first email:


I’m having a little shop with security accessories in Sweden…
The site which i used to buy stunguns, peppersprays etc. is now closed and then i found you through google because you are the cheapest [Thank you, Jesper!].

But i know the problem is that my shop is based in Sweden, but i live in Denmark where Peppersprays are illegal.

But it’s sad to hear you can’t send Stunguns to Denmark from United States.

However his 2nd email was quite disturbing and revealing at the same time… Read on…

Our reply:

“Hello Jesper,
As far as we know Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium have restricted stun guns.
The list of countries with restrictions is much larger, these are just the countries near by.
We will not be able to ship stun guns over there.

What is the public safety situation in those countries where you live and work?
What do people do about it when they have limited protection choices?


Jesper’s 2nd e-mail:

We dont have any kind of self protecting…
But we see an increasing number of stabbings each day…

Many people come to my shop every day to buy peppersprays and stunguns to avoid getting stabbed.
And it has now gone that far, that the police don’t do anything to people if they find out they have used pepperspray in a selfdefending situation.
If they do anything will get a fine of $100.

Getting Pepper Sprays
isn’t a problem either.
We can drive to Germany, which is our neibourgh country. (2 hours in a car).
But it is still cheaper to buy in the USA.”