Stun Gun and TASER Devices In Illinois – Email From Customer

As we were just covering the stun gun and taser law in the state of Illinois in the previous post we got an email from our customer in that state.
Steve W. shared his opinion on stun devices and supported his point of view with some recent tragic episode that happened in Illinois.
Here is his email:
To Pepper Spray Center Customer Support

Thank you so much!! My daughter lives in an area with increasing crime
levels and I hope this will give her more of a sense of protection short of
obtaining a hand gun.

It is sad that the many state of Illinois its and local jurisdictions have
wimps running things.

Just recently in our area a young black male was accidently shot and
killed by a police officer while resisting arrest. And yes, the use of
tasers had been banned in the city
. Had this not been the case he would
have been easily subdued by using a taser and arrested without incident.

The family has turned down a 490K settlement.

Unfortunate incident that could have been avoided.

Thanks again,
Steve W.


For the rest of you, outside of Illinois, we can only say: buy taser because you can.