Stun Gun and Taser Combination


From: Jaimie M.:

Hey there–I am thinking of buying one of your devices for personal protection…
I was impressed with the hand held stun gun that fits on your fist as you walk or jog.
Does it have to be uncovered to work?..
can you walk with it uncovered for protection without wasting the battery?

Also do you have any devices that are a taser and a stun gun combined?
I like the idea of being able to shoot someone as they come closer to stop them but am afraid I would miss!

What would be your suggestions?


Dear Jaimie,

Thank you for your interest in our products!

The hand held Blastknuckles 950,000 volts stun gun can be worn
uncovered and out of the holster right on your fist while you jog outside.
That is its feature: be with you at all times, wrapped conveniently around your fist, and be ready to fire immediately on your command.
The battery supplies the power only when the gun is fired, so no battery is wasted while you jog.

Here is the product page:
Blastknuckles 950,000 volts stun gun.

As for the taser and a stun gun together, yes, we have the perfect duo, just as you wanted.
20100908-taser_c2_laser_pinkTaser C2 can shoot electro-darts out but also can work as a regular stun gun, that is at closer range on contact.
You’ll never miss.
Here is the Taser C2 product page.

Hope this helps!