Saved by pepper spray

20070127-dog_biteNews Channel 8, New Haven,CT — January 25, 2007
Two dogs attacked a woman in New Haven, CT neighborhood and came inches way from taking another victim. Antoinette Wright remembers when she was attacked by two dogs earlier this week: “I know I said to myself these dogs are going to kill me,” she said…

Neighbor Alan Abramovitz heard her screams and called 911: “Very, very scary, yes, like blood curdling scream just went right through you when you heard it,” he said.

Wright jumped a dividing wall into her next door neighbor’s yard. That neighbor threw a recycling bin at the dogs and helped her into the house.

“And they backed up,” Wright said. “They didn’t even run away. They just backed up enough for me to crawl.”

The mailman Al Barbieri had his own run-in with the wild dogs:
“I was just hoping that this works. That’s all I could hope for,” Barbieri said holding a can of pepper spray. “They come tearing across the street and they were coming at me so I sprayed them in the face, and they just stopped in their tracks and took off.”

Wright says she plans to carry pepper spray for now on. “I’m afraid to leave my house,” she said. “I’m still afraid to leave my house because they still haven’t caught the other one.”

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