Review of DragonFire OC Pepper Spray Shooter, by Albert Beever

I have tested the DragonFireOC gun and found it to be the best thing I have ever seen for self protection… (click the link below to read the full review)



When I shot it, the stream lasted about 5 seconds and was dead on target at 20 feet and could reach even further.

Once I learned how to do a “quick shot” and with practice, the DragonFireOC shot over 15 quick bursts.

Reloading only took about 4 to 5 seconds.

I suggest everyone that walks anyplace should have one in hand and concealed in your pocket.
This is not considered a concealed weapon as is any pepper spray.

It requires no thinking or aiming when it is needed, just point and shoot.

A great product!

By Albert Beever, Georgia

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