Proper training leads to success!

I am flattered by a recent reference to me as “master” Jang, but I am not a master. I have trained with many masters and I would not equate myself to any of them in terms of their skills or dedication to the martial arts. I am, however, a teacher and my dedication is to my students!

A woman’s most effective weapons are her wit and arms and legs because they are always available and can be conditioned with practice to respond instantly to danger.

Non-bodily “weapons” such as knives have the disadvantage of being time consuming to either locate or set up and, if taken away from you, puts you in a MUCH greater risk than before
to suffer serious bodily harm. For these reasons, it is NOT recommended that a woman should RELY on such weapons unless they have had the proper training on both their use and how to defend against such weapons.

Situations in which the use of non-bodily weapons are recommended are when:
1. you feel you could not use your body to inflict harm (e.g. using an “impersonal” spray can be an effective alternative to using your fingers to rake a mugger’s eyes).
2. due to your size, age, sex, fragility, lack of practice, etc., you underestimate your capabilities and lack confidence in your ability to respond in a Practical Self-Defensive manner.
3. you are physically handicapped.
4. if an attacker is armed with a weapon and seems intent on using it, a spray can give you some “distance”.
5. you have had some training in applying your body skills for self-defense and would like to acquire knowledge of additional means of self-defense.

Pepper Spray can be a very effective self-defense tool for most women. It is recommended that all ladies complete a course of instruction on its use, safety, and antidote under a qualified instructor. The chemical agent used has no serious side-effects and wear off in about 15-30 minutes…enough time for you to escape. Unlike a knife or a bludgeon, if a Pepper Spray product is taken away from you, an attacker is not more capable of inflicting any greater bodily harm against you than he/she was capable of inflicting on you to begin with.
Dr. Allen Wai Jang