Pepper Spray Thwarts Robberies In More Ways Than One


In the post yesterday about a robber who for no apparent reason pepper sprayed himself I was ROFLMAO-ing and screaming that “ can not make this stuff up..”.

Guess what: “this stuff” just keep on coming. I giggled it out of my system yesterday, so I can’t laugh anymore. Instead, after reading this story from Chicago about yet another store robbery that was thwarted by pepper spray I started wondering: maybe robberies and pepper spray do not mix? Well, read on and let’s hear what you say…

Here is the story from Chicago:

“Would-Be Robbers Use Pepper Spray in Downtown Old Navy”
Sun-Times Media Wire

Three men attempting to rob a Loop Old Navy store Tuesday by deploying pepper spray fled without stealing anything.

Three men entered a retail store at 35 N. State St. about 7 p.m. and one of them deployed pepper spray or a similar chemical agent on three patrons in an attempted robbery, police said.

The men, between 18 and 21 years old, had no other weapons and fled south on State Street without actually stealing anything, police concluded.

Reportedly, nobody was seriously injured.”

Hilarious, we have 3 such botched robberies with pepper spray in a week. What’s going on?
Are we seeing more amateurs starting their crime careers?
Whatever the reason is, pepper spray or mace are much better choice as a defensive device and not as an offensive weapon.
Pepper spray, in general, distracts, deters, and slows things down. It’s like throwing a HUGE monkey wrench into the crime cogs: it’s not perfect but very good for defense and totally inappropriate for offense.
Would-be robbers and offenders everywhere: take heed.
Good folks reading this post: buy pepper spray and carry it with you at all times.