Pepper Spray Shooter or Pepper Blaster or just Mace Gun?

We have a problem and we will need your help.
Here is what’s going on: as you probably know in the last couple of years they developed a number of new good self-defense products that do not exactly “spray” their pepper.

20080618-Guardian Angel with hand

Some shoot their pepper spray or pepper gel load with their own pyrotechnic drive, like the Guardian Angel.
Some, like Mace Gun or Dragon Fire instantly develop very high pressure in the chamber and make a long forceful stream of the pepper solution toward the target. There are others that shoot paint balls or darts filled with pepper spray. This is all wonderful but how should we call all these devices? What do they do?

How should we call their actions: do they shoot? do they blast? do they jet? do they launch?
Even the manufacturers do not really care calling them anything in particular.
This is what the manufacturers offer so far:
Pepper Spray Shooter (by Kimber Lifeact)
PepperBlaster (as Kimber’s Guardian Angels are called sometimes)
Pepper Spray Launcher (both Kimber and SWAT call their devices “launchers”)
Pepper Jet Launcher (JPX Jet by Kimber, again)
DragonFire OC (does not click…)
Mace Gun (scary)
PepperBall (silly)
Pepper Gun

What do you think is the proper way of calling them, as a category?
Please share your thoughts in the comments space below, we would really appreciate it!


20080618-Guardian Angel with hand